The Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Tqoon Cafe Platform


Article 1 / Purpose


This Terms and Conditions shall be observed between the ‘Company’ and the ‘Subscriber’ in the case of using the Tqoon Cafe platform (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cafe’) provided by the Tqoon Global (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’).


Article 2 / Definition of Terms


1. ‘Subscriber’ refers to a user who subscribed to the ‘Cafe’ under this ‘Terms and Conditions’.


2. ‘Cafe’ means an online bulletin board service provided by the Company so that many Subscribers can exchange their opinions and build friendships, or means the specific Cafe created by the ‘Subscriber’.


3. ‘Member’ refers to a person who agrees to this Terms and Conditions as the ‘Subscriber’ and is active in the specific Cafe.


4. ‘Tqoon Service User’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Tqoon Subscriber’) refers to the users who have subscribed to all services provided by the Tqoon, including online services provided by the ‘Company’ and the ‘Tqoon Overseas Corporation’.


5. ‘Cafe Operator’ collectively refers to the Subscriber who opened the Cafe or the Member who has been delegated the authority to operate after opening it.


6. The terms used in this Terms and Conditions which are not defined in this Article shall be in accordance with the meanings defined in the ordinary platform and shall be in accordance with the relevant statutes and common sense.


Article 3 / Use of Service, Rights and Restrictions


1. The policy of this Article defines the service use, rights and restrictions of the ‘Subscriber’ and the ‘Member’.


2. The ‘Subscriber’ who joined the ‘Cafe’ becomes the Tqoon Subscriber’ without additional membership procedures for sites directly operated by the Tqoon Global, the Tqoon Overseas Corporation, the Tqoon, and other online services provided by the Tqoon. If there is the Tqoon online service launched after the date of application of this Terms and Conditions, the 'Subscriber' agrees to join this online service membership.


3. For the implementation of this Article, the Tqoon Global may utilize the following information: This paragraph information is used to subscribe to the various online services provided by the Company.

- The name, email ID, and information entered by a user when joining the Cafe.


4. The reason for utilizing the information in paragraph 3 of this Article is to increase the user access to the services provided by the Company, improve the service quality, develop new services and market them.


5. The Subscriber who uses the Tqoon online service in addition to the Cafe as the qualification of the Subscriber under this Article’s policy shall comply with the appropriate terms and conditions of the service independently of this Terms and Conditions. The disadvantages of the ‘Subscriber’ due to failing to comply are limited to those specified in the terms and conditions of the service in violation.


6. The Cafe service shall not be provided where it cannot be operated due to differences in national policies, laws, and laws between regions within the country. In the limited cases where the Cafe services are provided intermittently, this Terms and Conditions is not valid in the region (or country). Therefore, if there is a dispute in the area which comes under this paragraph, the ‘Company’ shall be exempted.


ARTICLE 4 / Opening of ‘Cafe’


1. Any Subscriber can open and operate the Cafe. However, the opening and operation of the ‘Cafe’ is restricted in the following cases:


1.1 Purpose of publishing the contents that hinder the general order, the good and laudable custom, and the well-being;


1.2 Purpose of publishing content that violates the current laws of the Republic of Korea;


1.3 Purpose of publishing the obscene and vulgar data and contents;

1.4 Purpose of publishing the criticism, defamation, infringement of personal information, and other matters which can inflict damage to others;


1.5 Purpose of publishing the contents infringing on all the rights including the intellectual property rights and portrait rights of other persons;


1.6 Other cases which are judged to violate the Terms and Conditions and common sense as per each of the foregoing;


1.7 The ‘Cafe’ in which the following contents are posted or communicated under a higher level of compliance than this paragraph of this Article may be closed by the ‘Company’ without separate notice:


- Posting of and reference to items which damages the public safety, such as firearm, swords, gunpowder, electronic shock device, crossbow manufacturing and sales;


- Posting and references that have a high suspicion of involvement in a series of distribution processes, including the manufacture and transportation of items damaging the public safety, such as firearm, swords, gunpowder, electronic shock device, crossbows, etc.


- Posting of and reference to all matters, such as the handling, management, sale and transportation, etc. of drugs, psychotropic drugs, hemp and raw materials therein;


- Posting of and reference to items which have a high possibility of damaging the health due to the misuse or abuse of drugs, psychotropic drugs, hemp and raw materials therein, etc.;


2. The ‘Cafe Operator’ is obliged to thoroughly manage the ‘Subscriber’ information if it is necessary to protect it, and all responsibility shall lie with the ‘Cafe Operator’ if it leaks to third parties and causes problems in the operation of the Cafe.


3. The ‘Company’ can establish the separate operating rules for the smooth operation of Cafe services and notify them online. The ‘Subscriber’ shall comply with the rules of operation in the opening and operation of the Cafe.


4. With regard to the scope of opening the Cafe, there is an open Cafe that is exposed to the public and a private Cafe that is not exposed to searches. However, it is possible to set up a private Cafe that can be exposed to searches. Also, it is possible to change the private Cafe into an open Cafe or change the open Cafe into a private Cafe after the opening of the Cafe.


Article 5 / The Role and Authority of Cafe Operator and Café Subscriber;


1. The Cafe Operator can invite the ‘Subscriber’ to the opened Cafe and attract as the ‘Member. Also, they have the right to withdraw the 'Member’ from the ‘Cafe’. The rules or regulations on the invitation to and withdrawal from the Cafe are not separately provided by the ‘Company’.


2. The Cafe Operators can rate the 'Member’. The rules or regulations for ratings are not specified separately by the ‘Company’. However, the Cafe Operator's Member rating can be made within the scope of the rating set by the ‘Company’.


3. The Cafe Operator may share the whole or partial authority with the ‘Member’ for the Cafe operation. This can be done by giving the ‘Member’ a rating and determining the authority based on the rating.


4. The Cafe Member must comply with any rules or regulations set by the Cafe they join. However, the ‘Company’ does not enforce compliance with these rules or regulations.


5. The Café Member can always leave the Cafe that they have joined.


Article 6 / Joining the Cafe


1. A ‘Subscriber’ can apply for membership in the open Cafe and shall comply with the conditions of registration set by the Cafe Operator. In the case of the private Cafe, the Subscriber can be the Member through the invitation of the Cafe Operator.


2. The ‘Cafe Operator’ can set the registration method and conditions of the Cafe and decide whether or not to accept the Subscriber who applied for the registration as the Member.


Article 7 / Management of Postings and Materials in the Cafe


1. The role of managing and operating all postings and materials in the Cafe is the responsibility of the Cafe Operator.


2. The Cafe post creator can set the scope of publication.


3. Under no circumstances can the Cafe Member post postings and materials prohibited by the Terms and Conditions and the operating rules, and the responsibility for violating them shall be attributed to the creator of the postings and the Cafe Operator.


4. The Cafe Operator and the delegated Members shall always monitor posts and materials prohibited by the Terms and Conditions or the operating rules, and upon the discovery or report of posts and materials contrary to the Terms and Conditions or the operating rules, they can immediately delete the posts and materials, and give a warning to a Member who prepared them or restrict them from using the Cafe.


5. The criteria for determining posts prohibited by the Terms and Conditions or the operating rules shall be based on the contents of Article 4, paragraph 1.


6. The Company may monitor the postings and materials registered in the Cafe, if necessary for sound service provision, and if postings and materials prohibited by the Terms and Conditions or the operating rules are discovered, it may arbitrarily delete them.


7. The Cafe postings and materials must be managed by the Cafe Operator or the author himself, and the Company does not guarantee that data is backed up.


8. The ‘Company’ may, if necessary for maintaining order in the Cafe, access to posts, but they shall not be provided to third parties except as otherwise provided in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea.


Article 8 / Warnings and Closures of the Cafe


1. For the closure of the Cafe, the Cafe Operator may voluntarily request the Company to close the Café.


2. If an application for the closure of the Cafe is received, the registration of the post is suspended and only the existing post can be viewed, and the hold period will be applied for 14 days from the date of receipt of the application. The Cafe Operator may withdraw his application to close the Cafe within the hold period, and the Cafe will be fully closed and not be restored if the hold period expires.


3. If Café activities fall under Article 4, Paragraph 1, the Company may warn the Operator of the related Cafe, and the Cafe Operator must correct them within seven days of the Company's warning date. If not corrected, the Company may suspend or close the Cafe. The way the Company warns the Cafe Operator is by email that the Operator provided when he joined the Cafe.


Article 9 / Withdrawal of Member and loss of qualification


1. A Member can leave the Cafe at any time.


2. If a certain Member is deemed unfit for the relevant Cafe activities, the Cafe Operator may take measures to withdraw and block the re-subscription of the relevant Member and shall bear all responsibilities therefrom.


3. If the Cafe Member commits an act that violates the Terms and Conditions of the Cafe, the Cafe Operator shall primarily take responsibility for the management of the Cafe. If there is no any measure or correction in spite of the correction request and warning by the Cafe Operator or the Company, the Company may restrict the Member’s use of Cafe service. 


4. If the Café Operator is unable to exercise his/her authority as the Cafe Operator due to a permanent suspension of use and the suspension of operating authority, etc. from the Company, the Company shall notify the Cafe Operator by e-mail (e-mail) no later than five business days prior to the restriction of use and the related Operator shall give the Operator authority to another Member. If the Cafe Operator fails to verify the e-mail falling under this paragraph, it is the Cafe Operator's responsibility. In addition, the Company shall not be held responsible for any restrictions on the operation of the Cafe caused by the failure of the delegation of authority, etc.


5. The Company may take measures to restrict all or some of the rights related to the use of the Cafe to any Cafe Operator or the Member who does not use the cafe service for a certain period of time. A certain period of time is based on more than 6 months, and there is no separate period definition.


6. The ‘Company’ will not take any action if the ‘Member’ who left the ‘Cafe’ does not directly delete their post before leaving. The ‘Company’ does not delete the existing posts of the ‘Member’ who have left. However, if there is anything falling under Article 4 in the post, the Company may take measures such as deleting the post regardless of whether the Member left or not.


Article 10 / Agree


1. As the Cafe Subscriber, the user shall agree to this Terms and Conditions and comply with the specified requirements.


2. The Company notifies the Subscribers of the change of this Terms and Conditions by email at least two to four weeks prior to the application date of the change, and the Subscribers who do not leave by the application date of the change agree to this Terms and Conditions and the changed contents.


Additional Clause


This Terms and Conditions apply from 00/00/2021.